July 19th, 2019

How To Play

Minesweeper is a game of math and logic

  1. Set a difficulty level
  2. Left Click any cell to begin the game
  3. Number cells indicate how many bombs are in the surrounding 8 cells
  4. Right Click any cell to mark it as a bomb
  5. Clear all cells without clicking a bomb
Level Bombs Grid Size
Beginner 10 9 x 9
Intermediate 40 16 x 16
Expert 99 16 x 30


Recently I was scheduled to interview for a position and the company sent some preparation material. One of the suggested assignments was to create a command line version of Minesweeper. I decided it would be cooler to build a graphic version since I had been messing around with Svg and D3 alot recently. I ended up with a new appreciation for the power of Svg. Aside from the border around the game and the fonts, the rest of the user interface was created using Boxy Svg.

Check out the source code at Observable.